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Lake Taupo Winter

We are situated on the Northern shores of beautiful Lake Taupo, and are the premiere suppliers of home brew equipment and ingredients for:

Beer Brewing
Wine Making
Alcohol Distillation & Spirit and Liqueur blending.

As a point of interest (or difference!) we operate as a division of Pharmacy 81 on Heu Heu, a fully registered retail community pharmacy. This website cannot, however, be used for the purchase of any pharmaceuticals or "traditional" pharmacy products.

We support the hobby of home brewing, but recommend restraint with regard to the quantity of alcohol consumed, and the frequency of that consumption.

We can be contacted at info@moonshine.co.nz
or by post to: P O Box 524, Taupo, 3351 New Zealand.

or phone +64  (7)  378-4525

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If you cannot find what you are looking for, please e-mail  info@moonshine.co.nz with your request.