BF18 Brewferm Mini Keg System

$169.99 each
$0.06 / g
Weight: 3000 g

PLU Code: 44720
Prices are in New Zealand Dollars & GST inclusive.

Size:Kit= 3X 5L

Are you tired of filling bottles or are you planning to have a party? Choose a mini keg! Put your beer in a keg add 3g of sugar/litre and let the beer ferment in a warm place. Then place the keg in a cool environment. After just a few days you can tap your beer for consumption. The CO2 pressure gives your beer a beautiful head. There is never any contact with the outside air so your beer is preserved for at least a couple of weeks. Kit includes 3 mini kegs 5 Litre (reusable), beer tap, 10 CO2 cartridges 16g, and with clear instructions.